BetConstruct’s Blast and Striker Games Licensed in the UK

BetConstruct's Blast and Striker Games Licensed in the UK

According to the most recent news, BetConstruct has exciting news to share with UK partners: its Blast and Strike Games have been approved in the UK. What a fantastic offer. The next step for them will be to launch engaging gaming solutions in the United Kingdom, which would be a significant step toward expanding its product offering globally. This step will strengthen existing relationships with reputable gaming companies while also attracting new ones. As a result, we can say that BetConstruct’s hands are both dipped in profit-making.

Both game solutions are based on simple gameplay that relies on simplicity and random number generator (RNG) to engage more and more players and increase profits for all gaming operators in the UK. Because these two games are now available to UK-licensed operators, offering them is expected to serve as a revenue and growth engine for BetConstruct UK partners.

What players must do in the Blast cannon game is place a bet on a shooting cannon. The chance multiplies as the cannonball ascends, but the players have no idea when it will stop. As a result, players can use the multipliers before they lose. According to BetConstruct, the Blast game allows gaming operators to prove the fairness of each shooting round because it is based on the most recent cryptographic technology for provably fair gaming.

Players in the Striker game can bet on a winning number or range before pulling a lever that sends a puck up a multiplier scale. Striker is an in-house BetConstruct game with a straightforward gameplay concept. It’s simple: if the predicted range or number matches the winning number, the player wins.

Overall, delivering these games is intended to serve as a springboard for BetConstruct UK partners’ company success. Furthermore, both games can keep bettors entertained while also assisting its network of operator partners in driving additional revenue.

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