Online Sports Betting Guide 2020

Online Sports Betting Guide 2020

Placing wagers on sports or sporting matches online sums up online sports betting. While typically sports betting is tracked and conducted via phones or bookmaking shops, the online version is rather easy, safe, and convenient means of sports betting.

Moreover, the number of sporting events one could bet is quite many. No matter the sporting event you are good at with a keen sense to predict the outcome, you can place your wager to earn or double your money via online sports betting.

3 Things to Keep in Mind Before Online Betting

Always Bet on a Familiar Sport

Most often, the trick in winning lies in understanding the sports right from the ins and outs to the top players of the game. Ardent sports fans are very good at predicting the outcomes. Hence, putting your best bet on the sports you know too well is the trick here.

Never Bet More than what you originally intended

It helps not to get carried away and bet only what you intended to start with is a sure-shot way of keeping your spending to a minimum. Always bet on sports where the lower betting limit is always within your budget.

Make a Habit of Tracking your Bets

It includes the odds and the outcome of the bet. This method will help you review your strategies to analyze the means to best probable outcomes.

Is Online Sports Betting Really Legal?

While in certain regions or jurisdictions, online sports betting is considered to be a game and hence legal, other nations may deem it illegal. Thus, before getting on with it, we recommend you to understand if it is legal in your state or not. For example, while it is legal in New Jersey, it is illegal in Colorado.

Top 10 Sports Betting Slangs

Action: Used by bettors to describing money wagered on the player or match

Arbitrage: A mistake by sportsbook enabling betters to make a profit on wagers

Backdoor cover: Winning point at the end of the match to make up the difference. Another term ‘back’ is for the team you wager on.

Chalk: Favorite side to win the game/match

Dime/Dollar/Nickel: A dime = $1000; Dollar = $100; Nickel = $500

Beard: A person placing the bet on behalf of another person (in the case when the better does not want to be associated with betting).

Layoff: When bookmaker bets with another bookmaker to reduce the risk of bets sold by them.

Sharp/Wiseguy: Betters who frequently win backed by their analytics and statistics.

Trifecta: A wager on the top three in the match picked in correct order to win a bet. Box trifecta is when the order of picking does not matter to win a bet.

Vigorish: Commission charged by a bookie to ensure a profit on either side of the wager.

Best Online Sports Betting Sites

While there are a plethora of online sports betting platforms, choosing the one that suits you may be quite intimidating. Listed below are some of the sites that are genuine and trustworthy.

  • 22Bets Sports
  • 10cric Sports
  • Spin Sports
  • betway Sports
  • MyBookie
  • Betnow
  • Xbet
  • BetOnline
  • Guts Sports

Note: the list is based on their ranks, ease of use, payouts, legality, and safety of the sites.

The bottom line is the reputation of the site truly matters. Assess the modes of payments in terms of deposits and withdrawals. The license displayed on the betting sites is yet another reliable means of determining the authenticity of the website.


Online sports betting is simply not about picking the best teams to wager. It is about strategizing and analyzing the odds. While the payouts do matter, reliability and the legality of the betting sites are equally important. Indulge in some quality research and familiarize yourself with the betting slangs to understand what works for you best.

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