EA Introduces Preview Packs in Reaction to FIFA’s Gambling Mechanic

EA Introduces Preview Packs in Reaction to FIFA’s Gambling Mechanic

On June 18, 2021, EA declared that “preview packs” were included in Fifa. This transition is considered to have arisen as a result of allegations that video game microtransactions, such as Fifa’s pack system, should be considered gambling and therefore banned.

For those who are unfamiliar with Fifa, the allowing the player to get Fifa packs using real-world or in-game money. In these packs, gamers will receive real-life football cards to help them change their teams. The players in the packets, on the other hand, were totally random, and there were no returns once a pack was opened.

Gamers may now preview packs before purchasing them, thanks to the launch of pack previews on Friday. This update removes the element of chance from pack purchases because gamers will already know which players they will receive if they purchase a pack.

Belgian gaming regulators banned Fifa packs purchased with real-world money in 2018, claiming they were games of chance similar to gambling, with the rule requiring “at least a fundamental degree of chance in the outcome” for a product to be classed as gambling.EA may now decide to defend Belgium’s restriction on Fifa packs, asserting that the element of chance has been removed entirely at the moment of purchase.

In addition to the conclusions of the Belgian gaming regulators, EA may choose to challenge judgments given by Chinese, Japanese, and Dutch authorities, indicating that their new technique is not a game of chance in any way. While the new in-game purchasing mechanism attempts to distinguish itself from gambling, it is unlikely that all gamers will be satisfied with the changes. In-game purchases will remain available. The last thing a parent wants is for their child to use up all of their credit card money on in-game purchases, especially when the items aren’t redeemable for cash.

The legal discussion about the future of microtransactions in games should not be ignored in favour of fast solutions, in addition to continuing to debate the legality of gambling in games.

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