Ontario to Launch iGaming Ontario, a Regulated Online Gambling Marketplace

Ontario to Launch iGaming Ontario, a Regulated Online Gambling Marketplace

With online gambling picking up pace, the province launches a marketplace for gamblers. The CMHA (Canadian Mental Health Association) backs the platform, stating it can do good to the gambling sector. iGaming Ontario is the latest competitive, secure, and regulated online gambling marketplace.

The platform is designed to protect users and offer them more options within an uncertain industry. Maria Figliuzzi from the Simcoe County Branch of the CMHA addressed the recently launched gambling marketplace.

Maria said that the institution recognizes the growing number of gaming operators in the market. That is why a regulated gambling marketplace can help consumers experience secure procedures. Thus, the strategy will benefit both consumers and the authorities alike.

Maria added that every new initiative must be tread with caution. Authorities must realize that the approach will only regulate a portion of the masses. Support measures are already available in the market, and while a regulated marketplace will add to their performance, it will not bode well with everyone.

Ontarians are spending over 1 billion dollars every year on online gambling. Almost 70% of the expenditure goes to unregulated platforms and shady websites with limited security measures and user protection. The majority of the consumers on such platforms do not realize the threat posed by them. It can even reduce the adverse effects caused by gambling problems.

A regulated ecosystem does not outright encourage gambling but helps consumers gamble in a controlled and secure manner. Spreading awareness is pivotal to help communities build support for individuals dealing with problems. Integrating security standards can allow people before gambling becomes problematic for them.

Doug Downey (Attorney General) thinks that adding a regulated gambling space will facilitate utmost security for consumers. Downey added that everyone is determined to collaborate with regulatory partners, gaming advocates, and the industry to make sure Ontario becomes a leading gaming ecosystem, meeting every consumer expectation.

Barrie Springwater (Oro Medonte MPP) stated that iGaming Ontario marks another huge milestone after the Parliament lifted the ban of single-event sports betting. It will help consumers access a regulated and safe online gaming experience before 2021 ends. 

The Simcoe County Branch of the CMHA offers mental health, substance use, and gambling solutions. Ober 420 users have contacted the institution in the past two years.

The administration perceives iGaming Ontario as AGCO’s subsidiary. Therefore, it will help users find more choices, minimize security concerns, and present a secure environment.

Peter Bethlenfalvy (Finance Minister) stated that the new marketplace would open more opportunities for businesses to build a better and safer gaming ecosystem for consumers. Compared to the unregulated, shady websites, iGaming Ontario will present a competitive and regulated environment. It will help the province generate more revenue to help businesses and families suffering from the pandemic.

If executed properly, iGaming Ontario can change the entire online gambling setting.

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